What is the Great Design Series?

Who wrote it, what's it about, and why is it free?

The Great Design Series examines the physical world around us, its amazing architecture, and order. The author recognized the need for accuracy and the discipline required to mathematically demonstrate that the Cosmic, Atomic, and Darmic systems follow the same laws and principles. Commencing in 2010, the process of bringing this series to fruition has been challenging, exciting, and rewarding in allowing the author to see many misconceptions cleared up, as well as, gain a new understanding of long held traditions. The author feels strongly that everyone, whether a student in New York, New York USA or in Woliso, Ethiopia, must be able to download the books or portions of the books that are of interest to them. Everyone should have free access to this information. Therefore, the author has applied the principles of ‘receive free, give free’ and “there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving”. Hence, all seven volumes of the books will be available for free download, starting with Volume 1.0: Geometric Pi.

Pi is Only the Beginning

Did you know there are 6 more volumes? Discover gravity's origins and more as each volume of the Great Design Series is released

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The Great Design Volume 1 book cover - showing spiral galaxy, atomic level, and the dark matter level