The Great Design Vol. 1

Geometric Pi

What’s the Truth About Pi?

3,800 years ago, pi’s value was identified as different than the Archimedean value used today. Why? Is there an error in Archamedes’ development of pi? See the mathematically-based answer to that question and more, including:

  • What value of Pi did the ancients use 3,800 years ago?
  • What has been hidden about the value of pi?
  • What if the true value of pi is not 3.141…?
  • Finally: the answer to the age old question of why does a negative number times a negative number equal a positive number
The Great Design Volume 1 book cover - showing spiral galaxy, atomic level, and the dark matter level

Chapter List

1.0 History of Pi

2.0 What is Pi – Really

3.0 Distance, Velocity, Time

4.0 Using Pi = 3.0

5.0 Using Pi = 3.141592654

6.0 Practical Proof that Pi is 3.0

7.0 Experiments – Proof That Pi is 3.0

7.1 Experiment 1: Surface Area-to-Weight Measurement – Square

7.2 Experiment 2: Surface Area-to -Weight Measurement Triangle

7.3 Experiment 3: Circle Inscribed in a Square

7.4 Experiment 4: Sphere Inscribed in a Cube

7.5 Experiment 4: Procedures

7.6 Experiment 5: Cylinder Inscribed in a Rectangle

7.7 Experiment 6: Coffee Cup Measurements

8.0 Bending the Rule

9.0 Conclusion

10.0 Multiplication of Positive & Negative Numbers

10.1 Analysis of Multiplication Process

10.2 Examples 29A – 29F

10.3 Division Analysis

10.4 Summary

Get a Sneak Peek of Volume 1

Archimedes method for calculating Pi

Is Arhcimedes' method for calculating Pi accurate?

Examine it and see for yourself
Look at the margin of error. Archimedes' value for pi (3.14) is an approximation - not an exact value. Would you accept an approximation or errors for your bank account balance? Then, why do you accept it for pi? What else may be wrong? Read the book to find out.

Real Answers You Can Prove

Unit Circle sketch

Is the unit circle the key to accurately calculating pi?

Read the book to see how the simple activity of a vehicle driving around a racetrack provides a clear illustration of the connection between the unit circle and pi.

Pi experiments sketch

Do your own simple experiments. Prove the value of pi to yourself!

Carry out your own simple experiments to accurately calculate the value of pi – using everyday materials found around your house, classroom and office.

Negative times a negative is a positive sketch

Why is a negative number x a negative number a positive?

Finally – a REAL answer to this question! We already know that it’s true. Now see WHY it’s true with simple mathematical proof, that you can test for yourself.

The Great Design Volume 1 book cover - showing spiral galaxy, atomic level, and the dark matter level